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Do Not be Afraid

If you have been stopped for a DUI, you are likely worried, a bit confused and likely afraid of what may happen to you. I know what you are feeling. I also know what you are thinking and what concerns you.

I have helped over 4,000 people just like you. As an attorney with over 40 years of experience, I can help you, too!  Learn about hiring a Pittsburgh area attorney experienced in DUI law.

If you contact my office, I can start helping you today. Do not delay. Get the answers and the help you need. Call toll free, 1-866-367-3847 or use the contact form on this website.

Confidential, Experienced Legal Representation

These days, anyone can be charged with a DUI. It can be a life changing event and it needs to be handled properly. Your driver’s license, your job, your family and your future may depend upon the outcome. Don’t attempt to go it alone, and don’t rely on “street advice” from friends and relatives. It is almost always inaccurate.

Come to my office. We can meet privately and develop a game plan to deal with your DUI. When you leave, you will definitely have answers. You will also have peace of mind knowing that my 40 years of experience is working for you. The office consultation is free and we can discuss a flat fee for my services.

I promise, you will be less fearful and you will know what to expect. But I can only help if you call my office. Make the right move. Call toll free, 1-866-367-3847 or visit our DUI Help page to learn more.


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